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Information on Rhischal
Cultural Appearances
Magic and Magicians
Historical Events and Periods
The Nine Houses
The South
Campaign Background


Agnard's green eyes and black hair are pretty regular. But an heavy and tall frame make him a memorable figure. His slow, deliberated movements summed with a sour aspect add to a dreadful looks.


Raised by the priests of the Kingship to became a member of the "Order of the Blade". While in the Order Agnard main job was to track down subversive individuals in the Kingship. During one of the missions he came across an old diary (former possession of the mission target). That diary was from a friend of Thane. The readable parts were largely contradictory to the teachings of the priesthood. To resolve that issue Agnard decided to consult is old teacher: Priest Canton. The outcome was an arrest order. As result Agnard became convinced that the diary was right and decided to gather more information about Thane and his ideals. He sought to escape from prision with the help of a friend, who managed to left the cell open. After grabing an horse and a lance on the way out Agnard found himself on the other side of his usual work... "It will be easy... I know the tricks..." thought Agnard while he run out of the Kingship!