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Information on Rhischal
Cultural Appearances
Magic and Magicians
Historical Events and Periods
The Nine Houses
The South
Campaign Background

The Zath Controversy

Things are bad; really bad. Paranoia and fear run rampant in the Sadiri Empire and everyone has a different idea of what should be done. Since Arral's discovery of the Zath three years ago, the court has been in an uproar, becoming fragmented into two main factions; that of House Arishnea, who have no desire to create relationship with the Zath, and that of House Ramiri, who wish to form unity for the purpose of trade. At first, it was simply a mild division, now it's become a full-fledged schizm, with those refusing to take a side becoming hunted by both parties. The number of sedition-related arrests has more than tripled, along with the tensions between the other nations. Although overt action is common, it is having little effect on the situation, and so the forming of covert factions within the sides has begun. The sovereigns are no longer ruling over their subjects, fear is.