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Information on Rhischal
Cultural Appearances
Magic and Magicians
Historical Events and Periods
The Nine Houses
The South
Campaign Background


Short, skiny, with sharp facial features and a pair of gentle, deep-set, deep green eyes; Faustroll generally wears robes of vibrant colours, with collars that jut out and reach high towards the back of his head; and of course a matching cape. Oftentimes, because of his stature, he sometimes resembles a small boy dressing up in his father's clothing. Occasionally, when he feels like fully participating in the enjoyable spectacle of Sadirian society, he will go so far as to don a traditional mage's cap, for the purpose of showing off his education and potential. Of course, being the honest skeptic that he is, Faustroll takes part in the play without a hint of arrogance; but if others want to hoist it upon him? And sure, that blue-stained iron rod with the diamond crown on it, that doesn't hurt matters. But truthfully, Faustroll's not concerned with status. He's not wearing that perpetual smile because people tend to like him; he's wearing it because he finds life, its potentiality, so free and enjoyable.

Faustroll entertains a vague notion of infinite possibility. The possibility of magic - whatever that is! - to shape the world, that strange kind of ether in which we live. He believes, with honesty, in almost nothing but himself and magic; two things which appear to be, for the most part, one-in-the-same, and, ironically, totally undefinable. Faustroll thinks that there are a lot of things, all things, pleasant or not, that need to be discovered, doubted, opposed, adopted. And when everything is finally understood, brushed aside, whatever needs to be done? There will then exist, perhaps, the possibility to apply oneself, manifested in magic, to it. To all. Whatever one can imagine can then be grasped and lived as Real; a man's creative limitations are his only limitations.