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Information on Rhischal
Cultural Appearances
Magic and Magicians
Historical Events and Periods
The Nine Houses
The South
Campaign Background


With her small frame and petite body, Lin seems weak and fragile. Her blonde hair flows like honey to her waist, emitting a breath of lavendar in early spring. Almond-shaped blue eyes glitters like sapphire outshines the rest of her plain features, capturing most men's heart with just a glance into her eyes. Her brown dust covered blouse barely covers her well formed bosoms leaving her abdomen bare. A brown skirt that barely covers her slim legs leaves little space for imagination. A tattered blue cloak covers her fragile shoulders to her waist.


Born into the civialization of Tal, Lin was considered unworthy. She is cowardly, giving in to flight rather then fight.

All she longed for is just getting married to a man that loves her as much as she, and live a peaceful life, passing each day saying her prayers to the Vassi.

However as life seldom goes the way one hope it will be, her destiny awaits her. In the dusk, as Lin wonders down a dark ally upon her way home, dreaming of the warm comfort of her bed , a Freelander grabs her from behind, frightening her. The Freelander treatens her life if she should scream and tried to outraged her modesty. Feigning faint, Lin laid limp as the Freelander tried to ripped her skirt and blouse apart. Out of desperation, Lin grabbed a sharp rock near her head and bashed the Freelander upon his head. Blood flowed freely from the gash upon his head, killing the man instantly.

As it happened, her village threw her into exile, giving her little time to pack her belongings and her light war horse, a fairwell gift from her father, her only kin. Tearfully she bid him goodbye as she rode upon Starlit, a mare black as night, into the out stretched hands of her destiny that awaits her.

Riding for a month, Lin finally arrived at Lissia, a grant city of splendid wonders. Thru out her treacherous journey, Lin's eyes was opened to the world of endless sufferings. Upon her arrival, she learned of a Tournament which was to be carried out the following day. Stated in bolded below the Venue, was a sentence. "MEDIC REQUIRED FOR TOURNAMENT. PAYING 20 WHOLE PIECES AND LOUNGING"

Having used up all of her savings in her journey to Lissia, Lin made a decision to join up, and thus getting her a shealter over her head and a warm soft bed which she longs so much for.

The following day, during the tournament, an event that bored and frightened her, a handsome young noble caught her eyes. Smaller in size then most who entered the tournament, Lin could sense that he was different. Deep within her heart, Lin prayed that no harm will come upon him and if Vassi's willing, may he emerge victorious.

As the noble's name was announced, Cassius Talshia, Lin's heart skipped a beat or two. "Cassius Talshia, Cassius Talshia" she muttered over and over again as her eyes fixed upon this noble's face. Swords flashes before her eyes, yet nothing seems to be able to snap her out of her daze.

The crowd roared as Cassius Talshia raised his sword over his head proclaiming victory. Seeing the noble raised his sword broke Lin out of her dazed. To her horror, the noble's opponent raised a dagger about to plunged it into Cassius's back.

"No! Look Out!" she screamed in vain as she ran towards the ring. Her warning however, was drowned by the roars and cheers of the crowd.

Lin prayed to Vassi as she ran towards the ring. The guards let her pass, being a medic for the event as she was. Rushing towards the limped body of the noble, for once in her life, Lin was unafraid of the sight of blood. Placing her delicate fingers upon Cassius's wound, Lin whispered words of prayers to Vassi. "I pray to thee, eternal one, please restore this male's body shuld his destiny be yet fulfilled" As she completed her prayers, a vision strucked her. Before her stands the eternal one, the Vassi.

"I hear thee's prayers little one. As it is, this male's destiny is yet fulfilled. I grant thee's request and restore his body. With that request granted, however, it's thy job to convey my message to him." With these words, Lin's mind was flooded with images of what Cassius must do in order to repay this request.

Before her eyes, Cassius's wounds healed without a scar and his breathing returned to its regular ryhtem. With a slight smile, Lin fainted upon his chest, exhausted.

Waking in her chambers, Lin vividly recalls her vision. Hastily donning her clothes and her belongings, she rushed to where the wounded are kept, hoping that she was able to convey the message from which Vassi had so vividly presented.

As it was, Cassius, surrounded by his faimly, was still upon the bed. Timidly, Lin annouced herself. "My apologises for intruding but I have a message for the injured." Shyly, Lin leaned forwarded and whispered Vassi's message into his ear. "Meet me at the south gate of Lissia should you intend to comply to Vassi's request." she shyly added and hastily bowed her head and backed out of the room.

Lin awaited the noble's arrival with her belongings and horse readied with supplies. Her heart beats twice as fast, droplets glitters upon her brow as she wondered if the noble will actually show up.