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Information on Rhischal
Cultural Appearances
Magic and Magicians
Historical Events and Periods
The Nine Houses
The South
Campaign Background

Rhischal is in shambles, the worse itís been in all the collective histories of its peoples. If only great wars were blaring, pestilence running the lands, then at least problems would be apparent. But no, the problems are of a different kind, a more nefarious one. They are of hate, prejudice, and mendacity; of division. What role will you take in the Sin Wars?

A pious Tal'rith, a xenophobic Zath, a caught-in-the-middle human? All, and more, are options. The Sin Wars is a fantasy, custom role-playing campaign using the 2nd Edition AD&D rules but varying significantly from more standard worlds. The major difference is the creatures that dwell on Rhischal. Instead of the traditional elves and dwarves scenario, along with the extraneous creatures that have strange ties to all sorts of mythologies and hackneyed fictionists, I have chosen to create this campaign using a different approach. This is because (as far as the kind of campaign I want to run is concerned) I feel that the traditional AD&D creatures and races werenít given enough thought when they were all crammed into various rulebooks and such. No evolutionary concept, conflicting religious facts, incomplete or ridiculous reasoning for creatures powers, personalities and places, things like that. Additionally, I find that in the average AD&D world, there are dozens, if not hundreds of sentient types of beings. Logic would dictate that each of these peoples would have a completely different way of thinking. I have decided to forgo on having hundreds of partially thought out beings and instead have a handful or so of (in my opinion) well done races, each different from eachother in ways other than just appearance and weapon preference. And before you get mad at me for knocking AD&D, please, let me explain. I love AD&D, I have for many years, I just wanted to run a different sort of campaign.

If you're interested in joining or wanting to send me comments, my e-mail is and my ICQ #153947333. Or you can fill out the questionnaire.

While I understand that no one can be 'on' at all times, try to follow these rules during our sessions to help make the gaming experience pleasant for all.

-Refrain from 'goofing off' during game times (if you need a break, or would like to reschedule, notify me rather than disrupting the game for others).

-Be on time. I cannot stress this enough, especially at this early point in the campaign. If you cannot commit to a certain time, please notify me as soon as you can. I do not like to have to edit the storyline to accomodate people without good reason.

-In the event of a scheduled lateness or absence, I will try to come up with a side adventure to explain the inconsistency.

-Keep OOC assumptions to a minimum. If you don't know something, ask. This is a complicated world where things cannot be easily assumed at first. I say this to prevent any frustration or confusion. If something isn't written down, I likely have considered it in my head and decided it wasn't pertinent at the time being or it is a world secret.

-Also, if you find me assuming something about your character that simply isn't true, tell me, otherwise I wont know. Try to keep things consisten though.

-I allow alot of freedom in many areas of the games; do not exploit this. Power-gaming is not appreciated as it disrupts the experience for everyone. Wanting your character to survive is one thing, but trying to bend things to your liking completely is another.

-Similarily, know that discretion is the better part of valour. This may sound odd, but considering what you are up against, it makes more sense. You can't win every encounter, at least not through force. Knowing when you're beat will be your saving grace.

-I do not like to kill characters and will general refrain from doing so unless you fail to take heed of the previous guideline and the other advice I might give during the game.

-Stick to your character concept. Changes in your character's behaviour should arise out of growth and circumstance, not in OOC decisions. However, if you find yourself changing your mind about your character's outlook and actions (preferably sooner rather than later) notify me before going ahead with the changes.

-When describing actions, mention each component of the sequence in order slowly, giving me a chance to respond. Likewise, when several characters are speaking at once, listen to the answers I give them as well to prevent any unneeded repetition.

-Roleplay. This is the most important guideline. Know your character, know the other characters, know the NPCs, and know the world. This will create a rich environment in which we will all have fun.

Violations of any of these guidelines, depending on the severity of such, will result in a number of things. First, we will discuss the matter and be sure it isn't simply a misunderstanding. Second, if things are wrong and not changed, you will be issued a warning. And finally, if the issues cannot be resolved, we will have to go our separate ways.

I know these sound harsh but hopefully they will help keep things on track with a general area of understanding.