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Thanks For Your Interest In My Campiagn!

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What type of gaming do you prefer?

hack ní slash
lotís of puzzles

Do you object to some advanced science (accurate belief about astronomy, anatomy, etc.)?:

Little truth known about theology (each conflicting religion disagrees, yet they can all prove their rightness due to the fact they have priestly magic).

None of the traditional fantasy creatures (elves, dwarves, dragons).

Few of the typical reasons for fantasy adventuring (treasure hunting, monster slaying, evil sorcerers).

Highly political themes.

Adult content.

The following questions concern gameplay and rules:

Do you object to a more versatile magic system?:

Are you willing to chose from less than the regular classes?:

Do you consider it unfair for some races to be statistically superior than others?:

Do you think spells should be definite or flexible?:

What times are you available to play?:

Do you know anyone else who would be interested in joining?